Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space, bringing an interior design project to life. Great Ceramic Lighting creates depth and height, cosy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas.

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Like sconces, pendants come in a nearly endless variety of choices, but they are a special design for making a small space look bigger.

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Cone Pendant

$273.60 $150.00

13″ wide cone shape pendant, architectural design, painted Asian Red color on the outer area and White inside. It comes with a black cord and ceiling cap.









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STYLE SPOTLIGHT: Nautical & Seashore 
🌊⚓ Dive into coastal elegance with Southwest Ceramic Lighting's Nautical & Seashore styles! Inspired by the rhythm of the waves and the serenity of the shore, our fixtures bring the refreshing breeze of the ocean to your space. Whether you're adorning a beachfront getaway or longing for seaside vibes at home, let our designs illuminate your coastal escape. Explore our collection now for lighting that reflects the beauty of the sea.  CustomLighting #Lighting #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #beachlighting #nauticallighting #seashorelighting #light
Brighten up your home this Home Improvement Month with Southwest Ceramic Lighting Company! Our handcrafted ceramic fixtures not only illuminate your space but also add a touch of artisanal beauty. Whether you're enhancing your kitchen, living room, or outdoor patio, our Southwest-inspired designs create a captivating atmosphere. Explore our collection today!💡💫
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🏞️ Embrace the cozy allure of cabin living with Southwest Ceramic Lighting's Lodge & Rustic styles! Inspired by nature and crafted with warmth, our lighting fixtures add rustic elegance to any home. Whether you're nestled in the mountains or city-bound, bring the lodge's charm indoors with our custom designs. Discover the rustic treasures of Southwest Ceramic Lighting today. #CustomLighting #LightingTrends #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #lodgelight #lighting #light#rusticlight
Ready to transform your space? Look no further than Southwest Ceramic Lighting Company! As we celebrate Home Improvement Month, discover how our artisanal ceramic lighting fixtures can revitalize your home. With unique designs inspired by the Southwest, our lights bring a rustic elegance that brightens any room. Visit our website to find your perfect lighting upgrade!
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🌺✨ Happy Mother's Day from Southwest Ceramic Lighting! 🌼 Today, we honor the nurturing light that mothers bring into our lives. Just like our handcrafted ceramic fixtures, mothers illuminate our homes with warmth and love. Thank you for brightening our world every day. Wishing all mothers a day filled with joy and appreciation! 💖
🌿 Transform your outdoor haven into a serene sanctuary with Southwest Ceramic Lighting's Garden & Zen styles! Whether you seek a tranquil meditation space or a lively garden gathering area, our lighting blends harmoniously with nature. Illuminate your Zen escape with fixtures designed to evoke serenity and peace. Explore our garden-inspired lights now and let the calming ambiance flow.  #CustomLighting #gardenstyle #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #lighting #gardenlight #zenlighting #light
🏡✨ Celebrate Home Improvement Month with Southwest Ceramic Lighting Company! Elevate your home's ambiance with our exquisite handmade ceramic lighting fixtures. From rustic sconces to intricate pendant lamps, our designs add a touch of Southwestern charm to any space. Illuminate your home with warmth and style! Explore our collection on our website listed in our bio.  #SWCL #CustomLighting #HandmadeLights #lighting #HomeImprovementMonth
STYLE SPOTLIGHT: Contemporary & Eclectic 
✨ Elevate your space with Southwest Ceramic Lighting's Contemporary & Eclectic styles! Infuse your home with modern sophistication and unique character. From sleek lines to vibrant hues, our custom lighting designs offer a fresh perspective, lighting up your rooms with personality. Explore our collection today for lighting that inspires.
#handcrafted #lighting #customlighting #eclectic #contemporary
Step into the serene beauty of the desert with our Yucca Light, a masterpiece from Southwest Ceramic Lighting, handcrafted with passion in Albuquerque, NM. This unique lighting fixture embodies the resilient spirit and elegant silhouette of the yucca plant, bringing a piece of the Southwest's soul into your home. Whether it's casting a welcoming light in your entryway or creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room, the Yucca Light stands as a symbol of endurance and natural beauty. Let it transform your space into a peaceful desert oasis.
 CustomLighting #Lighting #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #gardenstyle #lighting #yuccalight #light
Let's kickstart the week with a reminder of the profound impact of lighting design. Just like an artist with their brush, we have the power to paint our surroundings with light, creating atmospheres that inspire, uplift, and transform. Let's embrace the artistry of light and illuminate our world with positivity and creativity! ✨
#SWCL #CustomLighting #HandmadeLights  #MotivationMonday #lighting #light