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What is an Outdoor Wall Light?

Outdoor wall lanterns, also referred to as porch lights or garage lights, are mounted onto a wall. Usually they are ideal next to an entrance or either side of a garage. They will light up the local area and most of the yard, although a larger space may need more than one. Being fixed to the wall they place the light closer to the building, ideal for entering or exiting, or to help with parking. They are installed electrically as a hardwired fixture and usually operated by a wall switch or sensor.

Outdoor Wall Light Benefits

  • Places light near to an entrance.
  • Works great to light a parking area.
  • Can be placed either side of a garage.
  • Works well to light up a porch area.
  • Can be used at the side or rear of house.
  • Lights up visitors/guests as they enter.
  • Lights up the surrounding yard area.
  • Shines light onto the ground for safety/steps.
  • Can be bright for finding keys or reading items.
  • Flush to the wall doesn’t obstruct foot traffic.

Ambient Background Lighting

An outdoor light fixture attached to a wall can shed a strong light into the surrounding area. At night it can light up a whole yard, although the most light will be found nearer to the fixture. A wall or garage light placed near an entrance is a great way to light up a porch or entryway. You may need more than one for a larger yard, especially for lighting in the dark.

Dark Sky Friendly

This light fixture cuts down on light pollution, helping to support a “dark sky”. The design ensures that most of the light is directed downwards or out to the sides, rather than upwards into the sky. This is accomplished by reducing the sideways visibility of the light bulb. This helps to reduce light pollution levels and helps to keep the glow of city light to a minimum.


An outdoor wall light will light up a porch, patio, or deck area, or even a garage driveway. But if you have a larger yard you might want to consider a second wall light. Don’t forget to also light the side and rear of the building too.

Accent Lighting

Need a quick way to make your favorite furniture piece or painting appear brighter and stand out more? You’re looking for accent lighting. Install a fixture directly above a dazzling loveseat or right under a stunning portrait to properly illuminate it and draw attention to it. With accent lighting, you can emphasize all your room’s best traits!

Japandi Design

Japandi design is a blending of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism to create a feeling of simplicity, art, and nature. This fusion creates the a blend of function and form, focusing on clean curves and lines, bright spaces, and lighter, earthy colors. Japandi design is aesthetically pleasing and remains highly functional.

Custom Designed Lights/CDS Lighting Studio Lights

A premium contractor grade exterior latex paint provides the armor against harsh elements of sun, wind, salt and water. Ideal for moist climates such as waterfront homes and dry conditions, each Vivex fixture comes with a three-year warranty and is tested through 300 rigorous hours of use, simulating 3 years of harsh weather.

Durable Outdoor Fixtures

Stunning focal points flanking the front door or garage also enhances curb appeal with inspired designs and ornate detailing finished with visually appealing shading and texture. Custom Designed Lighting artisans hand finish each ceramic outdoor lighting fixture with three layers: a dark base coat, a second detail coat and finally a sealant to keep out the elements and corrosion. After curing a full 36 hours, the result is a finish that won’t fade and erode to white like other fixtures over time.

Long Lasting Outdoor Lighting

In extreme weather conditions, typical outdoor lighting starts to deteriorate immediately and within a few years, it starts to look bad. When you choose Vivex, you will double or triple the amount of time your fixtures will last. “There is no real need to replace Vivex fixtures in five years, the typical time frame for replacement, because they still look good and perform well.

What is Indoor Lighting?

Light fixtures are exactly what you think they are, which are any lamp, pendant, or fixture used to illuminate your home’s interiors. They are typically made not just to brighten your space, but to add decor and overall enhance your current furniture setup. This includes the fixtures already installed in your home when you move in and any lamps or other fixtures you add. Importantly, indoor fixtures are often not waterproof and dustproof—important items for outdoor fixtures to have—so they should only be used inside at all times.

Ambient Lighting

If you use fixtures on (or in!) your ceiling to build your well-lit foundation as we just described, then you’re using what’s called ambient lighting. This is one of the three major types of indoor lighting, and many fixtures and styles fall under it. For example, a floor lamp powerful enough to brighten your whole room is ambient lighting. It creates a base layer of soft or bright white, off-white, or yellow hues for your room that you can build on with the other two major types of fixtures: task lighting and accent lighting.